Online? We can help

If you’re a small-to-med-sized Biz., or an aspiring one, we can help. Guaranteed.

Wanna Test us?

Ask any question, we can help. Guaranteed. We thrive by creating creative solutions to tricky questions. This is our milk & honey: a challenge. So, go on… ask us a question!

Bread & Butter

WEB DESIGN is out bread and butter. What it means to us?

Finding creative solutions to meet your goals online = web design. It is far more than pictures and fonts and layouts (though these are totes important too). It’s the answer to “How do I make my business thrive online?” We love a bit of strategy to the sites we create, and of course some data to monitor. (From this point the copy we had about this gets BORING so if you want to know more about this PHONE US ON THE TELEPHONE).


Turn your ‘S-E-no’ into S-E-yo! (What award-winning copy!) Again, cut the boring stuff, we can sort your Search Engine Ranking, and get you to page one. Or your money back. This one is a particularly boring topic, probably best told by the fairly-tale story of the fantastic Mr Ben Treuhaft, one of our clients. From nobody to #position #one in three months.

The rest of the web

Ads, Social Media, Email marketing. We do all of these, but what’s more important than doing these, is tracking them. Seeing how successful you are in each channel tells you (and us) that we’re doing a good job. KNOW WHERE YOUR SALES COME FROM.

Gae us a shout?

We like to talk. It’s easier. Metaphors explain what we do best, like a dumper truck delivering a pizza (or is that a simile?)

Email or call 0131 564 0490.

Tick Tock Media provides an umbrella service in Digital Marketing for small and medium sized businesses. We design websites, improve search engine rankings and strategise Social Media for organisations throughout the UK. Our services are designed for those who prefer reliable, personal and results-driven support, specific to their needs.


We provide three main services: